St. Helena California
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St. Helena is a small Napa County of California, USA and this county is spread over an area of about 13 Kms and has an estimated population of about 5000. It was here one of the co-founders of Seventh Day Adventist Church by name Ellen White was residing and she was located very near to the St. Helena church. After the death of Helena in the year 1915 her house has become National Historic Landmark. As a mark of reverence to St. Helena, the people of this beautiful county have built a memorial hall by the name ‘Helena community Centre’.

A popular tourist spot:
Nature has blessed this county with its stunning natural beauty and pleasant weather. The winter is considerably cool while summer is hot and of course, it is cool during night. Interestingly, this county has become a popular tourist spot and hundreds of tourists visit this place every year. Some of the important places of tourist’s interest of St.Helena, California are briefly discussed here -

Wine country Inn:
This Inn is located in the midst of wonderful picturesque environment of St.Helena. The Inn also provides you cottages and other types of accommodation. Perhaps, this could be an ideal place to stay with your loved ones. The staffs of the inn are known for their hospitality and the menu is astonishingly delicious. Every day afternoon you get delicious wine from the local wine yard. You would enjoy every minute of your stay in this inn.

Bale Grist Mill State Historic Park:
This historic park is located within a distance of about 2 Kms from St. Helena county. A wonderful place to walk, meditate and enjoy complete privacy with your loved ones. The park was built in the year 1920 and the park is known for its historical importance. A mill was located in the park and now the place has been preserved for its historical importance.

Just move about one kilometer from St. Helena and you would find the wonderful meadows rich in vegetation and surrounding greenery. That could be the ideal place for hiking. The place around Lake Berryessa and the dam adjoining the lake attracts large number of tourists every year.

Bothe Napa Valley State park:
Of course, this park is located slightly far away from St. Helena; but it is certainly a place that you should never miss. If you are a lover of nature; perhaps this would be the most ideal place for you and you would certainly fall in love with this place. The park has enough facilities for picnicking, swimming and there are enough facilities for staying overnight. The park is surrounded by costal redwood trees as also wild forest.

Oak shore:
Actually, this is the shore of Lake Berryessa. There is enough place for picnicking and few water sports facilities are also available. The shore has several restaurants and bars where you can get delicious food and varieties of drinks. Visit this shore during summer because winter will be considerably cooler and you may not be able to enjoy water sports.

Connoly Ranch:
If you and your family members have fascination for learning organic farming and related subjects, visit Connoly Ranch in the Napa County. It is about 20 minutes drive from St. Helena. The Ranch conducts classes for more than 5000 kids on various aspects of preserving nature, farming and so on. You would certainly enjoy the natural beauty surrounding the Ranch.

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As most of the tourists say; St. Helena is the most ideal place for people who love nature and who love to enjoy their holiday with their beloved and in absolute privacy. This county has all the facilities including wonderful restaurants, hotels and villas with spacious accommodation. You also find several Inns which also offer spacious accommodation. The County is well connected by road and every public utility service is available at short distance. On the top of these, you would enjoy the everlasting warmth hospitality of the people of St. Helena. Considering the demand for accommodation in St. Helena, it is advisable that you should book your accommodation sufficiently in advance. You may book your accommodation online or through any of the authorized travel agency.